Stevedoring is an occupation that involves the cargo operations such as loading and unloading cargo on ships, thereby facilitating logistics. It also includes the other various dockside functions involved in enabling the movement of cargo and ships.

The state of Odisha has one of the oldest and richest maritime histories and is thriving with one of the highest port traffic ever. The state is also home to one of the largest stevedoring companies in the country – “Orissa Stevedores Limited”.

OSL began its journey in 1978 in Paradip with an inspired team of just five (05) people. Through tireless hours of hard work, unparalleled vision, and strong leadership, the organization has now transformed into an organization with 7000+ experienced workforce and armed with state-of-the-art heavy equipment.

Role of the Stevedore – 

Cargo Operations – The stevedoring company’s main function involves cargo operations; loading and unloading of cargo on the ship at the dock.

Minimize Port Time – For the shipping company and the ship, runtime at the sea is profitable when it’s carrying cargo between ports but while docked at the port, it contributes to downtime and hence adds to the expenditure of the ship. It is important to minimize the port time of the ships, hence stevedoring companies make sure that they work efficiently towards faster turnaround times for their operations.

Profitability of the Voyage- Reducing the halt time of the ships at the port, reduces the cost expenditure to the owners. Therefore, stevedoring companies organize the cargo – handling in ports and hence, make a great difference, creating a win-win situation for the cargo owner and ship owner alike.

Safety of Cargo & Ship – One of the important aspects of stevedoring is to ensure that the cargo and the ship are safe and secure by executing the loading/unloading operations with effective and strategic planning as per the guidelines laid out by the organization and authorities.

At Orissa Stevedores Limited, we provide services with clock-like precision and unchallenged performance, facilitated by our state-of-art cargo handling equipment. OSL’s 7000+ strong professional workforce achieves targets with untiring dedication and puts client satisfaction as the top priority.



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